What is a luxury vinyl flooring wear layer?

What is a luxury vinyl flooring wear layer?

If you’re looking at luxury vinyl tile or plank for your upcoming remodel, you'll hear a lot about the "wear layer" and what it can do for you. The wear layer is an essential feature of this flooring line and one you can customize to fit your needs.

Understanding these materials and what you can expect them to do is vital. Here are some facts that could help you choose the perfect floor.

Clearing the confusion

You may have heard that the wear layer is the protection on top of the flooring, but this isn’t entirely true. While it does help guard against luxury vinyl plank and tile wear, it’s found between the image layer and the protective top layer.

The primary job of the wear layer is to guard the image against gouging, scratching, and staining, but it works along with the top layer. This layer is found only in luxury vinyl products, not standard composite materials.

Thickness facts that will help you shop

The next thing you'll notice is that wear layers are available in "mils," so you can choose the protection you want and need. Of course, the thicker the wear layer, the more you'll spend on the LVP protection it provides.

Standard thicknesses for most surfaces range from 12 to 19 mil, supplying a good, average amount of protection. But you'll see 20 mils or more for homes with high traffic levels.

Commercial thicknesses can easily surpass 28 mil thickness ratings. And each one is well worth it.

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